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  1. Ross's avatar Ross

    There is a no question this product works. I dont trust any of those before and after photos that companies post on their websites. But what I do respect is the opinion and analysis of a real physicians. This website was extremely informative and a real eye opener. I feel more informed on making the best choice, personally I like what I see in the number 1 product Vaso 9.
  2. Jah1LoveRasta's avatar Jah1LoveRasta

    Out der in Jamiaca is where dese sceintests see the big dicks!!! . Hope all your little Babylon dicks can get a taste of what us Jamaicans were born Wit!!! Praise be wit Jah!
  3. CollegeManChris's avatar CollegeManChris

    This shit is swaggin. Its as simple as the name. It makes u huge naturally, my secret Weapon.
  4. Kenzo's avatar Kenzo

    Can you take two products together? Why not take the top 2 products or even the top 3? Maybe the combination will work better than anything? Does anyone know if that’s safe?
  5. McLovin's avatar McLovin

    Kenso this can be dangerous. Too much L Arginine could killl you. No joke. I would mess with taking 3 different products. If that worked they would mention it.
  6. Rick's avatar Rick

    Kenzo, Mclovin has absolutely hit the nail on the head with his assumption. Even though these products are 100% natural, a danger still exists if they are consumed at level far greater than that previously suggested . Plainly, a decision to take two or three times as much as a suggested by the doctors would prove lethal. Natural doesnt always carry over with safety. Taking only one product while following the directions will assures that you wont become another statistic.
  7. Victor 's avatar Victor

    You do not need to take any other product other than Vaso 9. I have been on it for over 5 months and I am a couple of inches longer. Thats all I was hoping for. This product works better than could be expected. The biggest change is that my confidence is unshakable whenever I and in bed with a girl. That defeating anxiety I used to feel when showing a girl My dick is gone so life is great.
  8. Shravis  's avatar Shravis

    The stuff comes from England they are all a bunch Guiness drinking, retarted speakin pussys Every English guy is so skinny and small no wonder they need dick pills! Come to Texas where everything is bigger especially our dicks!
  9. Karl's avatar Karl

    Does anyone know if they have a liquid form of this product?
  10. Art's avatar Art

    Hi I've been using vaso 9 for about 2 weeks now and I can see a difference in my erection. I bought the 7 month supply, so we will see where I end up at :) I'll make sure to post an update every time i finish a bottle.

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