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The Critical Role Nitric Oxide Plays in Male Enhancement Pills

The Critical Role Nitric Oxide Plays in Male Enhancement Pills:

Nitric oxide makes an erection significantly bigger, harder and stronger by widening blood vessels in the penis. Nitric oxide is produced L-Arginine, an amino acid found in the body. Scientists have recently confirmed that most male enhancement pills made with high-quality L-Arginine can greatly increase erection size, as well as treat erectile dysfunction.

For over a decade, scientists have known that nitric oxide improves erectile function, but it wasn’t until the prescription drug Viagra was introduced that millions of men realized just how special this molecule is.

One of the main physiological causes of impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is inability of the blood vessels in the penis to dilate enough to allow blood flow and engorgement. The most important chemical involved in this process is nitric oxide. Arginine, an amino acid available as a supplement, can help make more nitric oxide but the doses required are high and the effects may not last for long. This is also true for citrulline. Fortunately, there are several herbal supplements that can help dilate blood vessels, including ginseng and others less known but more powerful. Many male enhancement pills have a combination of several potent herbal extracts that help dilate blood vessels and improve erectile function, along with libido and sensation.

The male sex drive (sexual function in men) is a combination of motivation or sex drive/desire and mechanics i.e., the anatomy working properly. These two functions are by no means separate and distinct. An erection begins with sensory and mental stimulation. Impulses from the brain and local nerves cause the release of nitric oxide that cause the muscles of the penis to relax allowing blood to flow into the spongy tissue of the penis making it hard.

Since a man's erection requires a sequence of events, problems can occur when any of these are disrupted such as nerve impulses in the brain, spinal column and area of the penis. It also requires a corresponding response in muscles, fibrous tissues, veins and arteries near and in the penis. Problems can come from many sources: for example those caused by medications for blood pressure and depression among others. Difficulties can also arise from physical problems such as hardening of the arteries that restricts the flow of blood into the penis.

Researchers ten years ago discovered that release of nitric oxide from nerve endings in the penis caused an erection, but the temporary release of nitric oxide – a neurotransmitter that survives just a few seconds before breaking down – couldn't explain how erections are naturally sustained over time. Scientists found that after an initial burst of nitric oxide from nerve endings triggers erection, blood vessels release more nitric oxide to harden and maintain the erection.

Once blood starts flowing into the penis, the source of nitric oxide in the blood vessels is continuously activated so that more nitric oxide is released, more tissue relaxes, more blood comes in and a sustained erection is achieved.

This chain of events begins when erotic thoughts or physical sensations produce nitric oxide release in nerve endings in the penis. Nitric oxide is a relaxant that allows blood vessels to open up or dilate, bringing increased blood flow and swelling of tissues. The flow of blood also creates a minor stress on the blood vessel wall, which activates the release of more nitric oxide. This time it is from cells in the wall of the blood vessel – the endothelial cells – rather than from nerves. Endothelial nitric oxide causes more tissue to relax and the process repeats until the penis is fully erect. A key element in the attainment of erection is the continuous activation of the source of nitric oxide in blood vessel walls. Finding this source, a special form of the enzyme called endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), plus the discovery that the pressure of flowing blood against a vessel wall could induce it to produce nitric oxide, were critical pieces of the puzzle. These discoveries offer a fuller picture of the complex physiology of erection.

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