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How Big Can You Expect Your Penis to Get?:

How Big Can You Expect Your Penis to Get?:

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is: How much longer can my penis get? Men of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds seek to make their penises longer, wider, and harder. Clinicians have identified certain biochemical factors found in Nature, which, in precise and synergistically-correct amounts, can have a remarkable effect on the sex organs of men. These natural compounds can re-size the human penis with significant increases in both diameter and length.

CHART: This chart represents what you can realistically expect out of a top Penis enlargement supplement. The light blue area represents the potential “growth zone”. As you will see this is a 3 ½" inch range. 90% of men will experience an increase from 1" to 3 ½" inches. There are 10% of men who will surpass this, but typically you will fall into this range, again, provided you use a top product and follow instructions.

To fully understand how these products can change the length and diameter of your penis, you must first understand the physiology of how your penis works as a sexual organ.

  1. Your penis has three internal chambers that fill with blood during arousal and erection; these chambers are constructed mostly of blood vessels.
  2. During an erection, these chambers open at one end to let the blood flow in and simultaneously, constrict the flow at the exit point so the blood can’t escape. This filling extends and hardens your penis. By increasing the number and size of blood vessels inside each chamber and stretching the penile ligaments to their full potential, you can increase the overall size, length and diameter of your penis.
  3. The greater the number of blood vessels inside the penis, the more blood can be pumped into and stored, the larger your penis becomes.
  4. Using a combination of hormonal precursors, neural boosting nutrients, and top-grade exotic natural extracts, well-made male enhancement products can absolutely “transform” a man’s penis.

Initial changes to the size of your penis occur near the base of your penis in most instances. In normal-sized men changes always happen first in the diameter and then the length. Additionally, you will discover with a well-engineered formula that the formula tends to pick up speed posting incremental increases on a weekly basis. This is because your body adjusts to the compound and over time it is able to metabolize it more efficiently the longer the time period of consumption.

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