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Scams Exposed! Lies, Lies and more Lies. What to avoid in 2012.

Scams Exposed! Lies, Lies and more Lies. What to avoid in 2012.

Just like the diet pill industry and the muscle building industry, the male enhancement industry has its fair share of bad companies that use tricks and deception to pry you from your hard earned money. We have compiled a short list of the most noted scams, tricks and bogus products to watch out for this year.

1. Add 4" Inches to your Penis in 4 Weeks: As much as we all wish this were true, there is not one single product on the planet earth which can add 4" inches to the length of your penis in 4 weeks! It is physically and biologically impossible. However, there are dozens of companies making such promises in their advertisements. Do not believe them. It will never happen.

2. Free Trial Offers: Beware of companies offering you a free trial of their product for a small shipping fee of under $10. This is just a come-on to get you enrolled in a month billing program where your credit card it constantly charged for products you did not order. Remember "FREE" doesn't always mean free - look at the fine print!

3. Counterfeit Products: The Internet and even retail stores are seeing an alarming rise in counterfeit product. Crooks can copy a label, make some worthless pills for a few dollars and then pass them off as a top selling product. Either buy direct form the manufacturer at their official website, or buy from large chain stores like GNC and Rite Aide.

15 Worst Product List for 2011 - These products are the worst of the worst!

  • Mega Magnum - Hide your credit card, this is another South Florida scam.
  • Extreme No - This is an extreme credit card free trial scam. They slam your credit card.
  • Xanogen - Free trial scam by the Zitner boys of Miami. Hide your credit card!
  • HGH Factor - Another free trial scam by the boys on Greene Street. Total Scam.
  • Nitro Force Max - Total Fraud from a fake porno actor.
  • Xomax - Scam advertised in many national magazines.
  • Extenze - Hit with $12 million fraud fine, the pills are suspect at best.
  • Orexis - Over -priced and under performing.
  • Vigor 25 - Contain illegal chemicals and drugs. Could be deadly.
  • Enzyte - Don't know why Bob is Smiling - these pills are so-so and the creator is in Federal prison for fraud.
  • Enlarge Max - Claims 4 inches in 4 months - this is a fantasy!
  • Sinrex - Weak powder and False Claims. total Scam.
  • Prolentor - Was called Prolixus, and switched name - still a scam by any name!
  • Viswiss - Uses fake doctors and false claims. Bad product.
  • RexxRx - Under investigation for chemicals in product. Dangerous.

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