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How Big Can You Expect Your Penis to Get?:

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is: How big can my penis get? Men want to know if they can really make their penis longer, wider, and harder. We get very uncomfortable with the brazen marketing efforts of some of the companies. Even makers of many of the top male enhancement products in the country, some of whom we have rated quite high, go beyond what we feel is good taste in marketing. Sometimes it is better, and classier to take the high road and let the reader make his own conclusions.

While it is unquestionably true that top male enhancement supplements can increase the size of any mans penis, we differ as to how this should be presented to the public in the forms of advertisements. We are comfortable with descriptions that let the reader know his penis will get bigger. However, even if a product can add 2” or 3” to the size of a mans erecions, advertisements that promise a “3 Inch growth” or “Add inches overnight” are not appropriate for any advertising in any public forum.

So can these pills make you longer and wider and bigger? Our position here at Doctors Guide, is to state yes, unquestionably yes, these products can increase the size of your penis, but we are uncomfortable putting a precise number on how much of a size increase can take place. Many say, why not? You have the data? You have seen the results. You have done the research. You know exactly what these pills can do. While all of these statements are true, we have made a policy decision not to give number and figures as our job is not to promote these pills, but to offer an understanding how they work, what you can expect specific individual products to do, to identify any safety issues that might occur and other analysis related to these issues.

Bottom line: Yes you can get bigger, but you will have to ask the specific manufacturers of the specific product you are interested in to provide you that information.

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