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The B&S in Big Stick should stand for Big Scam! This product is terrible and is a classic example of the phony garbage out on the marketplace pretending to be legitimate. First, the company name is Pfiser Pharmaceuticals. They want you to think that Big Stick is put out by the Pfizer Company, the makers of Viagra. There is no connection between the two companies. The label claims a “new medical breakthrough.” It’s a lie! These products are natural supplements; they are not medicine and contain no chemicals. Medicine is designed to treat, prevent or cure a disease and must be prescribed by a doctor. No legitimate supplement company would ever claim their products treat a disease. The ingredients are a joke too – Kava Kava, Ephedrine, Ginseng, and 50mg of L-Arginine. Of the four only L-Arginine will help, but in such a small amount it’s virtually useless.  Ephedrine is a central nervous system stimulant found in diet pills, ginseng gives you a boost of energy and causes liver damage. It was recently outlawed in both France and Canada and is about to be pulled off the market in the U.S. Canada incidentally, just banned ephedrine also. This pill will do nothing to help increase the size of your erections. Big Rip-off! GRADE F Excuse our mess. This page is under construction but will be completed shortly. Please check back again soon.


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