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What is Red Kat?

My choice as the coolest-looking bottle on the market. The formula is simply 200mg of "Longjack" which is also know as Tongkat Ali and Eurycoma Longfolia jack. Red Kat a high-potency version of Longjack, which is probably why it is so expensive at $62 a bottle at GNC. There is some impressive news associated with high-quality extracts of this small tree found mainly in Southeast Asia. I put Longjack in Herbal V before anyone had Longjack in any sexual supplement and I remember getting a 100:1 extract sent to me from some suppliers out of Atlanta a few years ago that I really liked. If you like pure Longjack, then this is the product for you. It was developed by the company Biotest, from Colorado Springs, Colorado which has an excellent reputation within the legitimate supplement industry for developing top-notch products. They have the raw extract tested at an independent laboratory to verify potency. That is what top companies do


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