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On paper this formula does not look like the formula that would beat out over 250 other products to get our Top 3. But that is exactly what has happened.

This may be one of the most bizarre results we have ever seen. The formula does not have a large number of ingredients. It has zero L-Arginine. It has ZERO Butea Superba. And it has ZERO Tribulus. Yet it knocked everyone’s socks off with the results men reported when taking it*. Men were unanimous in saying this was one of the most powerful and effective products they ever tried*.

So our first thought was that Xantho 5X must be laced with some undeclared pharmaceutical drug and that is why is works so well. (Unfortunately there have been a large number of natural male enhancement supplements that have been secretly laced with a pharmaceutical drug.) But we tested it several times and determined it did not contain anything illegal. Nothing! So we again looked at the formula and research behind the ingredients. Here again the information was scarce. The key ingredient is a compound found primarily in Asia called Xanthoparmelia Scabrose. There have been only a few studies done on it’s effectiveness as a male sexual health product.

But after talking with the manufacturer we learned that the real “secret” to Xantho 5X’s success is the potency level of the Xanthoparmellia Scabrosa and another key compound in the formula – Cnidium Monnier. They have extracted these two compounds 40 times more than any other known potency level sold anywhere*. It is their own proprietary process and formula. The investment in this technique has clearly paid off, as this is one of the most outstanding product we have ever reviewed. On our comprehensive FQQ Rating System, Xantho 5X has received one of the highest scores we have ever awarded – 92. A score above 90 is spectacular and Xantho 5X has definated earned this high mark.

Men of all ages can be delighted with the results they get from Xantho 5X*. Outstanding.

Get more information from the manufacturer on their website at


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  1. Kevin's avatar Kevin get it there
  2. D's avatar D

    The site is the recommended daily dosage is 2-3 capsules per day over a period of about 6 months, at which point it then becomes 1 capsule per day which can be taken indefinitely. Not 1 capsule per day at the start of use. The improvement should be seen throughout the 6 month period.
  3. jonathan's avatar jonathan

    you can get it at
  4. Buddy's avatar Buddy

    it is available at It is about $40 a bottle but discounts are available on larger quantities.
  5. dav's avatar dav

    plz guys help me how can i have it in dubai they dont ship to dubai helpppppppppppppp plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6. Daniel's avatar Daniel

    You can by it at:
  7. Raja's avatar Raja

    How to get xantho5x i am leaving in Singapore and how big the size can b increase and many days
  8. Merveilleux's avatar Merveilleux

    What are some adult store and would it increase the penis growth?
  9. christopherakles's avatar christopherakles

    I want to use the the Product can u sent me the product
  10. m q khan's avatar m q khan

    i m looking no side affect .i have blood pr.
  11. cleveland mciver's avatar cleveland mciver

    To who it my concerns How can I get those pills
  12. terence's avatar terence

    in what store i can buy any of your pills..because i want 2 seaferer...we have voyage every month in everglades ang jacksonvelli...i really want 2 buy...plz answer
  13. prince alex's avatar prince alex

    where can i find it in nigeria,i really need to enlarge my penis.

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