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What is Yohimbe Fuel?

this is Twin Labs yohimbe product. Twin Labs is one of the oldest and most respected supplement company in the industry, having been around for almost 40 years and making some of the best supplements on the market for many years, among them, the popular weight-loss supplement Ripped Fuel.

What ingredients are in Yohimbe Fuel?

Each capsule of Yohimbe Fuel contains 400mg of yohimbe standardized to contain 8mg of yohimbe alkaloids. This is as strong as a yohimbe product gets! The level of yohimbine alkaloids is what is important in determining the quality and strength of yohimbe. If you like straight yohimbe, this is an excellent, high-grade source that can't be beat.

Is Yohimbe Fuel safe?

Not Entirely, Yohimbe can have some side effects and people with heart conditions or mental disorders should not take this product.


The only reason it doesn't get an "A Grade" from me is I think straight yohimbe is not enough to make a pill top notch, and it is not appropriate for every man. But if you like yohimbe, as many men do, then this is your Graceland.


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Yohimbe Fuel

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