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What is Max Viril?

MaxViril is a natural male enhancement supplement that advertises itself as along for longer "performances" as well as your typical male enhancement. Performance duration issues are a common problem for men in the USA with over 60 million men experiencing some issues during their lives. MaxViril advertises their use of a specialized flower formula as its unique angle on male enhancement.

What ingredients are in Max Viril?

MaxViril contains rhodiola rosea, damiana, nutmeg, saffron, liquorice, ginseng, pine, nettle, and polygala comosa.

Do the ingredients in Max Viril Work?

They might for some. Ginseng was reported in our survey to provide male enhancement to some users. It also may stimulate the central nervous system, which could help improve sexual stamina.

MaxViril's other ingredients have not been shown to effective during our analysis for male enhancement, however. Our research show saffron and nutmeg do not improve any of the common male enhancement goals, despite its use as a cure-all for sexual problems in Indian medicine. Many of its ingredients also contain psychoactive properties, which can affect the secretion of hormones in the brain if taken in large enough doses, leading to psychiatric effects--such as a feeling of "drunkenness", hallucinations or sudden mood changes.

Is Max Viril safe?

Not for everyone. Damiana can cause adverse reactions in people with a history of breast cancer, a psychiatric disorder (such as bipolar disorder), dementia, Parkinson's disease, or who take diabetic medications that control blood glucose levels. Ginseng and nutmeg can also cause psychiatric problems in rare cases, such as mania and hallucinations.


Although ginseng can help improve a few aspects of male enhancement, this probably isn't a desirable product for men who suffer from premature issues. None of its ingredients are very effective for premature issues, and may cause dangerous psychiatric reactions in rare cases. People with a psychiatric disorder should speak with their doctor before taking this supplement.


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