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Dapovar - This brilliantly designed product stands alone at the top of the heap of the products designed to extend your performances. It represents a quantum leap in this area of the supplement industry. You don’t have to slap on some cream or a gel, and hope your partner doesn’t notice. Dapovar pills are simple capsules that you take that may modulate the serotonin level in your body. After about a month or so many but not all men will notice that they last longer. The increase in performance time is sensational.

The statistics on men who ejaculate too quickly is staggering. Over 60 million men suffer from premature issues.

Check out the lab tests and see how the 5-HTP levels in Dapovar are significantly higher than those of the other natural delay pills

The product is manufactured by a company based in Amsterdam and sold through distributors in the United Stated and Canada. Some men report lasting longer after taking the pills after just 10 days, but we have found real results start after about 3 to 4 weeks for most men. The only negative that we can find with Dapovar is the time. It’s not like a topical cream that you can use the very same day, Dapovar does require you to take the pills every day for about a month until you start lasting longer. But it’s well worth the wait. The results are nothing short of amazing for most. Men who never last more than 60 seconds are suddenly finding they are lasting over 7 minutes. On average! The impact on their confidence might be the biggest impact, that being entering a bedroom knowing that you won’t be embarrassed with a “minute man” performance and that you’ll be able to control yourself. Out of all the products we have evaluated, in all categories, this product is clearly the one that represents the most revolutionary change. We are happy to report the days of not having a way to overcome premature issues have come to end! A product ahead of its time. Sensational.

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