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This product is clearly the most powerful, intelligently engineered male enhancement supplement we have ever reviewed. However, there is some “controversy” with this pill that we definitely take issue with.


This pill has become the darling of the porn industry. Well known porn stars openly endorse the pill, some appear on the company’s website completely nude showing off what SizeVitrexx has done for them. Even adult film icon Ron Jeremy, on his male enhancement review site praises SizeVitrexx and also rates it as his number one product. We have no problem with Mr. Jeremy doing a rating site, and he is wise enough to also see that SizeVitrexx is clearly the cream of the crop of male enhancement pills. However, what is controversial in many circles and something we take issue with is the glamorization of the “super huge penis” phenomenon that is currently taking over the adult entertainment business.

We feel that it belittles the product SizeVitrexx, and makes the male enhancement industry seem like it is solely focused on “size increases.” There are many other benefits that should also be talked about as well (erection hardness, faster recovery times, stamina increases not to mention what is does for older men) and that by focusing only on the size boosting effects of the product it seems to minimize the impressive scientific research that went into the pill. Maybe we are a bit old fashioned here at DMEG, but flaunting the size boosting ability should not be what this pill is all about. It is much more than that.

The "Truth" About SizeVitrexx

Right from our initial tests we could tell SizeVitrexx was very different from any other product we have tested. It became instantly clear that it was jam-packed with powerful pharmaceutical grade ingredients unlike anything we had ever encountered. While these results sounded impressive, I was even more surprised when we spoke to men who had been using the product. We interviewed 32 men ranging in age from 21 to 62, and 30 of them raved about the product with the general consensus being they thought it worked even better than they anticipated. That speaks volumes. Real men and real feedback.

Over the years, we have seen small increases in the quality of pills. However, SizeVitrexx has taken everything to the next level. Not only is it a quantum leap forward in terms of pharmaceutical grade ingredients and extreme performance*, but it’s also extremely affordable at under $40 a bottle while some top pills in GNC are currently selling between $69-89. Not to mention Androzene which sells for $137 a bottle! SizeVitrexx beats them all.

* Individual results may vary

How Do the Ingredients in SizeVitrexx Work?

We discovered the secret to SizeVitrexx's success lies in the potency of the extracts used. The potency and quality of ingredients goes far beyond anything ever introduced in any male enhancement pill. For example the Tongkat Ali is a 200:1 extract. But not only that; it is a 200:1 extract of a 10-year-old source of Tongkat Ali. Studies show that the potency of Tongkat Ali reaches its peak between 10-12 years. So to have a 200:1 extract of the herb at its most potent time is like really getting a 400:1 or 500:1 extract.

The other ingredients in the product that make it so powerful are a triple cut Long Pepper extract*, Maca that has been triple extracted horizontally, Tribulus Terrestris from Bulgaria that has been harvested above 10,000 feet making it even more potent*, and Avena Sativa paste that is cold processed and extracted. It also includes the amino acids L-Citrulline and L-Arginine – both pharmaceutical grade. These ingredients will stimulate “free” testosterone production and trigger the release of nitric oxide. This combination lets the penis get bigger, longer, and harder. These are not minor improvements, but significant enhancements across the board.

* Individual results may vary

What About SizeVitrexx Side Effects?

The only "side effects" people really report are exactly the benefits you’re looking for if you want to improve your sexual satisfaction. There are reports that SizeVitrexx has made erections "too hard" or "too thick". If that's the case, then simply reduce your dosage and you should be fine. SizeVitrexx is one of the safest and most effective male enhancement pills you can find. For the most part, we haven’t been able to find customers who had tried SizeVitrexx before who mentioned any serious side effects.

Our Final Thoughts on SizeVitrexx

When we started this site our intention was to inform men and provide unbiased information about male enhancement products. Never in our wildest dreams did we believe such a product as SizeVitrexx would be created. The industry really does continue to get better and better and right now SizeVitrexx is the King of the Hill. It receives our highest rating ever and our strongest endorsement. Outstanding in every single way.

The company makes some other fine products as well for men’s health, but clearly SizeVitrexx is their groundbreaker. It scored the highest F.Q.Q. score we have ever registered – a 98. Outstanding supplement approved for men of all ages. Get more information from the manufacturer on their website at


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