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When guys talk about male enhancement, there's always one product that comes up - ZenaTrexin®. ZenaTrexin has rapidly become one of the most popular over-the-counter male enhancement products. As the authoratitve website on male enhancement pills, it seems necessary for us to take a careful look at whether or not ZenaTrexin can actually deliver the results that it guarantees. Taking a closer look, the benefits you’re supposed to get from ZenaTrexin are: Added Erection Size and Thickness, Harder and Longer-Lasting Erections, An Increased Sexual Desire , More Control and More Explosive Orgasms, A Better Sexual Experience for You and Your Partner, and a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

In this review we are going to explore what separates ZenaTrexin from the rest of the products out there.


Male Enhancement Supplement Industry at a Glance


These days it is rare to find a male enhancement pill that really works. The majority of products contain cheap "filler" ingredients shipped overseas from China, are filled into a capsule without any sort of testing then shipped off to the consumer. The majority of time these products aren't even tested! This year alone, annual sales of enhancement products are estimated to be over $620 million! We believe that number has reached nearly one billion with the release ZenaTrexin.

As you know we test and review over 200 male enhancement products a year. We have become the most popular male enhancement review site in the world. In our evaluation process one of the first things we do is open the capsule or cut in half the tablet, depending upon the product, and we smell the product and taste it. This simple “old school” test can let us know with 90% certainty if a pill is made up of good ingredients or junk ingredients. Most often we detect fillers, weak powders and other hallmarks of poorly manufactured cheap products. In fact, some manufacturers have just filled capsules with cinnamon and sugar! After that initial test we send it of to a reliable lab to have it screened and tested for impurities, toxins, and to make sure it contains what is on the label.


The "Truth" About ZenaTrexin


Right from our initial tests we could tell ZenaTrexin was very different from any other product we have tested. It became instantly clear that it was jam-packed with powerful pharmaceutical grade ingredients unlike anything we had ever encountered. While these results sounded impressive, I was even more surprised when I jumped online and saw the countless reviews from actual users, doctors, and adult entertainment professionals reporting their results.

Our website is filled with male enhancement products that "might" work*. Over the years, we have seen small increases in the quality of pills. However, ZenaTrexin has taken everything to the next level. Not only does it a quantum leap forward in terms of pharmaceutical grade ingredients and extreme performance*, but it’s also extremely affordable.


How Do the Ingredients in ZenaTrexin Work?


Though there are internet "rumors" surrounding the ingredients in ZenaTrexin, we are here to put those rumors to rest, and have the lab results to prove it. What it comes down to is that the male enhancement pill companies are ruthless. There's a ton of money to be made (and lost). Those rumors were started by the makers of some of the worst products available. What we can tell you is that when you take pharmaceutical grade ingredients in the right dosages, you can create a safe male enhancement product that works. Sure, it might cost a little more to manufacture, but what you end up with is a product that delivers results.

Let's be honest, we are guilty too. Our first thought was that it had to contain something since it worked so well, but we have confirmed in multiple tests that it is 100% natural. We discovered the secret to ZenaTrexin's success lies in the potency of the extracts used. The potency and quality of ingredients goes far beyond anything ever introduced in any male enhancement pill. For example the Tongkat Ali is a 200:1 extract. But not only that; it is a 200:1 extract of a 10-year-old source of Tongkat Ali. Studies show that the potency of Tongkat Ali reaches its peak between 10-12 years. So to have a 200:1 extract of the herb at its most potent time is like really getting a 400:1 or 500:1 extract.

The other ingredients in the product that make it so powerful are a triple cut Long Pepper extract*, Maca that has been triple extracted horizontally, Tribulus Terrestris from Bulgaria that has been harvest above 10,000 feet making it more potent*, Avena Sativa paste that is cold processed and extracted. It also includes the amino acids L-Citrulline and L-Arginine – both pharmaceutical grade.


What About ZenaTrexin Side Effects?


A lot of people relate serious health concerns with male enhancement pills because that’s what comes with most prescription drugs. Due to ZenaTrexin’s all-natural formula there is very little risk to using it.

The only "side effects" people really report are exactly the benefits you’re looking for if you want to improve your sexual satisfaction. I've read reports that ZenaTrexin has made erections "too hard" or "too thick". If that's the case, then simply reduce your dosage and you should be fine. ZenaTrexin is one of the safest and most effective male enhancement pills you can find. For the most part, we haven’t been able to find customers who had tried ZenaTrexin before who mentioned any serious side effects.


How Do You Take ZenaTrexin?


If you can remember to take ZenaTrexin every day, you’ll really get the biggest benefits. ZenaTrexin helps you gradually overcome sexual problems as your body adjusts to the ingredients. But you can also use it prior to sexual activity to get an added boost and like I mentioned above, you will probably notice the difference in your erections pretty quickly.

The long-term effects with ZenaTrexin will continue as long as you take the product*. After 60-90 days depending on how you are responding you can cut down to one pill a day or one pill every other day to keep this product in your system.

To get an added boost before sex, just take one serving about 20 to 60 minutes before you have sex. You’ll know when your ready after taking it and you can kind of adjust how long before sex you take it.


Where Is the Best Place to Buy ZenaTrexin?

If you are looking to purchase ZenaTrexin, the obvious first place to look is the official site which is a really good place to order it. You get a 90-day guarantee, and that’s enough time to see if it really works for you. Plus, if you know you like it, you can get a huge discount when order more bottles plus get free shipping.


Our Final Thoughts on ZenaTrexin


When we started this site our intention was to inform men and provide unbiased information about male enhancement products. Never in our wildest dreams did we believe such a product as ZenaTrexin would be created. The industry really does continue to get better and better and right now ZenaTrexin is the King of the Hill. It receives our highest rating ever and our strongest endorsement. Outstanding in every single way.

The company makes some other fine products as well for men’s health, but clearly ZenaTrexin is their groundbreaker. It scored the highest F.Q.Q. score we have ever registered – a 98. Outstanding supplement approved for men of all ages.

Get more information from the manufacturer on their website at


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